Cleric Tasks NASS Over Chinese Loan

A faith-based governmental organisation, Centre for Righteous Living (CRIL), has called on the National Assembly to not discontinue its probe on the controversial Chinese loan.

The President of CRIL, Rev. Solomon Adegbolagun made this known at a press conference in Lagos, yesterday where the group expressed concern over the conditionality attached to Chinese loan capable of compromising the national sovereignty and called for transparency in the manner such huge loan is expended.


While acknowledging government drive to develop the nation’s infrastructure, the group, which touched on burning current national issues, urged the Federal Government to ensure that loan obtained outside the shores of the country are not misappropriated or embezzled by governmental officials.


Adegbolagun said, “We therefore call on the National Assembly  to investigate the details of the loans, find out its terms and conditions and implications for the Nigeria State. We are not against taking of loans for national development, but the issue of local content is crucial to Nigerian professionals. This and other pertinent areas of the loan condition must be properly scrutinized by the national assembly. We don’t want what is happening in some African countries to happen in Nigeria, where Chinese have taken over some sensitive aspect of the economy of those countries.

“Loan is good if it is properly channelled. By the grace of God, very soon, we will begin to see train running from Lagos to Ibadan, that’s an improvement. The question is, who are the engineers? Are they Nigerians?”, he said.

On the issue of CAMA Act 2020 affecting the church and NGOs, should be reviewed.

“We are not against CAMA Act 2020 but the Section that states that the trustee can be removed by the Registrar of Corporate Affairs Commission.”


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