‘We Won’t Abandon Struggle For Special Status For Lagos’

House of Representatives member Jide Jimoh (Lagos Mainland) on Wednesday said Federal legislators from Lagos State have not abandoned the struggle for Special Economic Assistance to the Centre of Excellence.

By Emmanuel Oladesu, Deputy Editor

He said the bill on special status has been sponsored by Babajimi Benson from Ikorodu Constituency.

Jimoh spoke with reporters in Lagos on his legislative activities and other national issues.


He passed a vote of confidence on himself for sponsoring 10 bills that have passed through the first reading.

On the quest for special status, he said: “The Bill on special Status for Lagos has gone through the first reading. It was sponsored by Jimi benson.”


On his legislative activities, Jimoh said: “Today, an eventful day, as you can imagine, is a day of accountability and feedback. It is a remarkable occasion of a press briefing.

“I am highly honoured, elated and thankful to God Almighty, for giving me the privilege to represent my people of Lagos Mainland Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives.


“I am a messenger of the people, waiting for their messages to be delivered at the appropriate quarters” and indeed, not only delivering the messages of my people, but also in collaboration with other members for adequate representation.

Jimoh said the National Assembly is the heart of our democracy, adding that it represents diversity and serves as the voice of the people. He adeded: “The National Assembly has powers of oversight, representation and legislation, under the 1999 Constitution as amended. Over the last one year of the 9th Assembly, the House has robustly carried out its constitutional duties of making legislation, reviewing and monitoring the activities of MDAs of the Federal Government. The qualities of a virile parliament is measured by the number of Bills.


“The first legislative year of this 9th Assembly has been rigorous and fruitful with 1,039 Bills passed through the first reading and sponsored by only 177 members, in which I am one of them.

Jimoh said the only way to get rid of responsibilities is to discharge them.”


He added: “I as an individual, have sponsored 10 Bills.”

They are: Weight and measure bill, Fct urban development bill, Nigerian tourism development authority amendment bill, Passport miscellaneous act amendment bill, Nigerian sports anti-doping agency, Chartered institute of islamic finance professional bill, National anthem and pledge compliance bill, Employee’s remuneration bill, National humanitarian bureau establishment bill and National urban development and regional commission bill.


Jimoh said the House had recorded success on many fronts.

These include: Passage of the budget cycle through Appropriation Bill 2019, December – January, Finance Bill to reform domestic tax laws, introduction of tax incentives for investments in infrastructure and capital market to improve the business environment,

Others are: Deep offshore and inland basin production, sharing contract is also a landmark legislative reform, Visa policy miscellaneous Bill that will improve business, CAMA – Companies and allied matters act and many more.


Jimoh also listed the projects he had attracted to his constituency.

They include: Provision of motorised borehole at Otumara, Apapa Road, Ebute Metta West, Lagos Mainland Federal Constituency, road construction at nubi close, Apapa Road, Ebute Metta, Lagos Mainland Federal Constituency, construction of classrooms at Iponri primary school, Ebute Metta, Lagos Mainland federal constituency, construction of health centre at Makoko, Yaba, Lagos Mainland Federal Constituency, Provision of boreholes at the following locations:


Otto community, Freeman street by Oloto, Ebute Metta East, Abule-Nla Road, Apapa Road, Ebute Metta West, 16 Kano street opp. G. Cappa, Ebute Metta, Down Ajoke street, Iwaya, Yaba, 9 Igbobi Sabe, Jibowu, Yaba, Ayemowa close, Iwaya, Yaba, House of lagoon, Makoko, Yaba, Jebba by freeman street, Ebute Metta East.

Other include: the distribution of grinding machinces and hair dryers to over 150 beneficiaries, exercise books to senior secondary school students in Lagos Mainland Federal Constituency, entrepreneurship training and empowerment (financial support) for over 300 women and youths, Lockdown palliatives to cdas, traders, artisans etc and Facilitation of several employment into federal and state mdas.


Other programmes include:  Free surgical operation through the Olajide Jimoh Medical Mission,  The annual quiz competition for senior secondary schools through the Olajide Jimoh education support initiative.

Quoting Winston Churchill, Jimoh said: “Responsibility is the price of greatness.” May I at this juncture, say I agree that things are still not as fine as expected, but soon, by the special grace of God, it shall be better.

I shall be shirking in my responsibility if I fail to talk about COVID 19, the world pandemic disease that has ravaged the whole world. Let us be our brother’s keeper and follow the regulations of the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) to Keep Safe. My prayer to God Almighty is to heal the world.”


[The Nation]


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