Teachers and HODs Learn Skills For ‘new normal’

With resumption of schools around the corner, heads of education departments of the 20 Local Government Education Authorities (LGEA)/ and 37 Local Council Development Areas (LCDA) of Lagos State, as well as some directors and teachers have learnt how they can be productive in the new normal era brought by COVID-19 pandemic.

By Kofoworola Belo-Osagie

They were exposed to two days of training organised by the Human Development Initiative (HDI) on the theme: “Effective and efficient teacher of the 21st century post-COVID-19” at R/A Hotel, Ikeja on Monday and Tuesday.


Facilitators at the event told them how the pandemic had changed what education means and how it should happen, underscoring the importance of technology in the teaching and learning process.


Speaking on “The Effective teacher: Delivering quality basic education in the 21st century”, Dr. Oluyinka Akanle, a development communications expert from the University of Ibadan, said teachers and supervisors of education needed a new orientation of the kind of education needed to excel in the digital age.

“Education is not about desks and chairs; quality education is about equipping students with skills needed in the real world.  COVID-19 exposed the truth to us.  Teachers need to equip themselves, get to know what the system needs.  There are free online courses that can help,” he said.


Akanle said the use of technology in education had become very important in the new era and needed to be reflected in the curriculum.

Akanle said new skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication should be infused into the curriculum.

In his presentation on “Effective Basic Education Administration in 21st Century Nigeria: challenges and way forward”, the second Facilitator, Prof. Lekan Bello, underscored the importance of quality basic education and how far it could help learners go in life.


Speaking on the rationale for the training, Executive Director of HDI, Mrs. Olufunso Owasanoye said in an interview that changes in the education climate demands that learners be prepared to compete on the world stage by the time they have completed their basic education.

She said: “We believe that teachers are change agents and every teacher should be able to teach from both the head and the heart.  We are building their capacity for them to also have skills they are going to pass on to teach the students to be global citizens.


[The Nation]


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