No! They Will No Longer Invade To Colonise, They Already Have Your MIND

No! they won’t come and bind you in fetters and auction you off as slaves.

By Olajide Abiola

No! They won’t come and invade to colonise and loot your resources.

The fetters are now of the mind. The colonisation is now of the mind.


You will steal the resources of your own land and take it to theirs with your own hands.

You will loathe and kill your own people.
You will loathe your own lands.
You will consider your thoughts inferior to theirs.


You will consider your local solutions inferior.
You will have more appetite for their things over yours.

You will accept your culture as inferior.
You will not be able to re-imagine the world and adapt it to your locality.


No! they do not need to come bind you with fetters and ship you away as slaves. That’s expensive.

No! they will no longer invade to colonise.

They already have your MIND.


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