Ondo 2020: Akeredolu Tasks New Council Chairmen On Electoral Victory

Ondo State Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has challenged the newly elected council chairmen to work hard to ensure victory at the October 10, governorship election.

By Osagie Otabor Akure

Governor Akeredolu charged them to immediately constitute campaign committees at their various local councils and begin the campaign at the grassroots.

Akeredolu who spoke in Akure at the swearing-in ceremony of the new council bosses reminded them that a victory of the APC at the October 10, polls would guarantee their three years tenure in office.


He noted that electoral victory was at the units and wards and that the APC must win handsomely at the polls

Governor Akeredolu who declared that the October 10 election is operation 18 to zero said praised residents of the state the peaceful conduct of the local elections.


Akeredolu insisted that the state and local government must work together to ensure people living in the villages get enough support from the government.

He enjoined them to focus on quality health care delivery, education, and agriculture.

His words, “The state government cannot do it alone. Autonomy cannot do it alone. We must work together so that our people must feel the impact of the government. Focus on health care delivery. All the neglected health centres, take hold of it. Make the people own them.


“In Education, we have buildings we have built through SUBEB. Keep the schools clean. They are yours they belong to the people

“Local government must have their own farms. This is the time to make good money from cassava.

“This administration frowns at impunity in any form. We will not condone any acts which may put our achievements in jeopardy. We will monitor the activities of all those given the mandate to serve. We will encourage ingenuity and resourcefulness. We will sanction, swiftly, any errant behaviour which treats the welfare of the people with contempt.


“We have tried our best since the inception of this administration by making the people the central focus of all our policies. We have tried to keep all unscrupulous persons masquerading as servants of the people at bay. We have severed ties from those whose deeds and preferences stand against decency and are inimical to the well-being of the people.

“Our ambition has been shaped by the overriding interest of the State. We have never been under any illusion that governance will not pose its challenges considering the precarious state of the economy when we assumed office and the continued slide in the economic fortunes of the country.


“We have, however, remained undaunted and resolute in our resolve to abridge the yawning gap in the welfare of our people. We have taken steps in which posterity will adjudge as prescient. We have succeeded, largely, in abridging the infrastructural deficit in spite of the acute paucity of funds. Workers and citizens have felt the direct and positive impact of governance.”


[The Nation]


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