Okunbo Calls For Violence-Free Election In Edo

Business mogul and prominent Edo citizen Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo has called for a violence-free polls in the state come next month as the governoship election holds on September 19.

In a special video broadcast to the state, Captain Okunbo, as a “stakeholder and elder statesman in the state”, urged parents to ensure their children and wards were not used by politicians to perpetrate violence before, during and after the election. He added that the state would always be greater than any individual or group of individuals.

He said: “Elections would come and go but our great state would remain.”

“Nothing thrives under violence. Our state can only move forward under a peaceful environment. We must begin to redirect our youths from negativism to positivsim.”

Taking a cue from former President Goodluck Jonathan who said his ambition or that of any politician was not worth the blood of any Nigerian, the international businesman said no Nigerian, and in particular Edo citizen, should have his or her blood spilled because of the ambition of any politician.

“President Jonathan said, during the build-up to the 2015 election, and he stood by his words, that his ambition or that of any politician was not worth the single blood of any citizen. This has earned the former leaders global respect.”

Praying for a more prosperous Edo State, Captain Okunbo reiterated that politicians would come and go but the state would remain.

Okunbo said: “Edo State is the only home we have and it is the only home we can identify with. The future of our state is pregnant. So let us identify strangers in our midst as they intend to import thugs to our midst. Report such to the police for necessary action.”

He prayed for a peaceful polls adding that with cooperation, Edo State of the citizens’ dreams shall be attained.

[The Nation]

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