Oyetola: Dismantling Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Need

Governor Adegboyega Oyetola dismantling Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of need through effective and efficient governance.

By Najeem Oyewumi

Each time I tried to avoid commenting on the development in Osun state, a greater percentage of my conscience that truly appreciate good governance is always tempting to write something no matter how little about the current leadership in the state.

Abraham Maslow is a well known American psychologist and the author of the popular hierarchy of needs a theory many believed in infallible when humans need is a subject of consideration.

A critical analysis of the performance of the present government in Osun has further exposed that theory of need is not and can not be casted in iron as individual or community needs is different and can only be matched with limited availability of resources. This is where his Excellency Governor Adegboyega Oyetola excell and deserves commendation if only for posterity.

A state with little existing industrial capacity can not survive without injection of funds into the the economy. This the governor and his think-tank must have realised by prompt payment of civil servant salaries to keep low and nedium class economically active. A radical departure from other states with established culture of owing civil servants salaries and unknown to them that this can kill the state economy. Kudos to the Iragbiji born stste governor on this.

The issue of pensioners have become a big burden to both federal and many state governments, again he has made this a priority thereby winning the trust of many people in the state.

A healthy society is a productive economy and the investment in primary health care systems is another fulfilment of needs.

The continuous rapid repair and reconstruction of roads across the state and attention to the dilapidated infrastructure in the state is another key achievement that deserves a great applause by the government

The recent support given to the federal government intervention in migrating the electricity supply to the ife South from BEDC in ondo state to other supplier from ibadan bringing the local government under the energy same suppliers is a welcome development to further promote economic wellbeing of the people.

The list is endless and one can conclusively give kudos to the government for making people’s political investment a worthy one.

My personal appeal, is that the government should start thinking on how to make Osun a bit more of industrialised state.

The recent investment in agriculture can be followed up with a processing units for our agro allied industries and we can also make osun the food bed for southern Nigeria

Definitely and without a doubt, Osun can be one of the 10 leading states in Nigeria. All it requires is consistency in policy implementation which I believe the present government are doing.


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